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Chat evenement the Moderated Chat event is what you need. It is a perfect solution for: chat evenement partie chat conférencier partie chat utilisateur partie chat modérateur

Goal of the event chat :

An Event Moderated-Chat( moderation chat or moderate chat) is for online chat events with a speaker and a group of audience, in which comments and questions submitte can't go public unless the Moderator approves them.

webcam chat technolgy open source: RED 5 + Flex

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Users (surfers) are attending the conference. They ask questions in real time to the guest or can ask these questions in advance. Depending on the configuration of the chat, users must register and log-in to be able to ask questions, or can enter anonymously.
The speaker (a guest of the conference) is designed to respond to questions sent by the Internet selected by the moderator.
It can respond with a text chat and / or cat video / audio in real time. The different responses are then rated by a transcript in order to publish the entire conference.
In real time, the moderator (admin) is to moderate the chat.
He choose the questions to be submitted to the guest. It also regulates the flow of visitors. It can not exclude a user-friendly rules.

In offline, the moderator is to choose the questions sent in advance as well as create and configure the future conference.