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FAQ about our moderated video chat solution.

What Is The moderated video chat?

The chat is a communication tool that adapts more to the needs of profesionals, businesses, institutions, administrations and local authorities.

The event allows you to organize chat sessions moderated chat on your website where users live interview a guest.

Invite personalities to join the discussions in real time with participants of your forum, the guest will be in direct contact with the audience of your website via a moderator.

How does it work ?

A chat event is composed by three main parties: the invited moderator and users.

  1. Guest: The character who made the event. For a defined time he answered questions and dialogue with the public.
  2. Moderator: The chat is moderated and only questions and comments with a trait of interest are presented. The role of moderator is to select the most relevant issues in relation to the theme and the guest of the cat. He chose the best contributions, he must master the perfect running of the event, he must lead the debate in a meaningful way by posting the questions in a coherent order to involve as many people while avoiding duplication, it must prepare to advance responses to questions may be addressed.
  3. Internet users: There Possenti questions to the guest. A good cat generates thousands of questions and only a hundred will be accepted.

I need to cutomize my chat: is this possible ?

Yes, just give us some indication (size / color, layout) of your cat so that it fits best to your existing website. We will adapt the existing interface with your colors!

What are the other modules avaible ?

We can offer a single player module without chat so you can diffusier interview LIVE on your site without possibility to interact with the guest.

Is it possible to obtain a transcript of the chat ?

No, because unlike other existing chat events, the guest no longer writes his answers but answers in WebCam Live! We can embed a video recording module of the chat (video transcript) to record the chat events and be able to view later!




Do you need a moderator ?

Yes. For a correct functioning of the cat is necesar the presence of the moderator to filter incoming messages, controls on visitors, select the interesting messages, disconnect unwanted visitors, deletes messages off topic.

Can we control the message content?

Yes. The moderator manages the contents of the cat, it filters incoming messages for a dérroulement correct the event.