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Features of Video moderated chat :

Our solutions are developped using:

client side (moderator, guest, user)

FLASH: - installed on 96% of PCs: displays the Flash interface (windows/Linux/Mac comaptible)

Goes through firewalls and routers: Nothng to be installed !

Server side
(server that streams the audio/video)
Linux or Windows.
You need a dedicated server ! (we do install this solution on your server, so you do not have to pay royalties per use !)
We install and configure the RED5 server (openSource) for audio/video streaming. RED5 is FREE !

The final product is installed and configurated on YOUR SERVER !
You do not have to pay any fees to use it

If you do not have a dedicated server, we can host the application for you as well.
Please contact us for further information .